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About the Blog

We launched our site on September 25, 2011 as a way to celebrate our third wedding anniversary.  We came up with the name “The Dessert Engineer” because Johnny is a licensed professional engineer who has a knack for baking.  Although the blog started out as a space to showcase Johnny’s dessert creations, over the years we have added content to chronicle our adventures together as a couple.

Purpose of Our Blog

In addition to travel stories, we would like to share with our readers tips and recommendations based on our experiences.  We have a love for posh accommodations, yet we are always on a quest to find the next state park and quirky roadside attraction to visit.  On our site you will find that we get as much enjoyment from attending a local festival as taking vacations to tropical islands.  We hope our blog can help others realize that you don’t need a lot to add spice to your life.

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Cutting the cake at our wedding reception, September 28, 2008

Cutting the cake at our wedding reception on September 28, 2008

Fun Q&A with Johnny (J) and Nanette (N)

Nanette, are you Filipino?

N: Aha!  I get this question all the time when I meet people for the first time.  You’re not too far off, because I’m originally from the archipelago nation just south of the Philippines, which is…… INDONESIA!

How about you, Johnny?  You think and breathe beaches and tropical destinations.  Are you also an islander?

J: Only if the state of Georgia is considered an island!  I grew up just outside of Atlanta where I spent most of my childhood camping and fishing.  I guess that makes me more of a redneck than an islander.  

Who manages the blog?

N: Although Johnny’s interest in baking is the reason we started this blog in the first place, I am responsible for writing all the posts and pages.  Johnny usually gets the fun part of proofreading content and writing e-mails to people who contact us via the blog.

How did you two cross paths?

N: After finishing college I lived a super-boring life of sleep, work, eat – repeat.  Most friends I met in school moved out of state for new jobs or graduate studies.  To keep myself sane, I started taking music pedagogy classes and joined a traditional Indonesian dance troupe.  A friend that I met in the dance group, Eva, took it upon herself to play match-making.

One afternoon in September of 2006 when I was getting ready to attend a friend’s wedding reception, Eva called to let me know that she had a jovial guy lined up for me to meet the following weekend or so.  I was like, “Are you serious?  Can I talk to you later?  I don’t have time for this.”

J: No she didn’t!  Busy, busy girl that Nanette was.  Well, I was first told about Nanette in an email from Eva, the wife of of one of my old college friends.  Eva had emailed me to invite me over to their house for a cookout and to meet this lovely lady from her dance group.  She even had included a photo of this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L girl playing the piano.  Invite accepted!  

Well…on the day of this glorious scheduled cookout, where Nanette and I were to meet for the first time, Nanette got a “flat tire” and was not going to make it.  She thought she was in the clear and could brush Eva off to way down the road.  But Eva was persistent and managed to get us to agree to all come over the following weekend.  It was a good thing she worked so hard to get us together, because on September 23, 2006,  Nanette and I met for the first time.  Who knew you would cross paths with your soulmate in the living room of a friend’s house, even though it took a little nudging to get you there.

What do you guys have in common?

N: We have chubby cheeks perfect for pinching and we are exactly the same height.  You won’t find us hanging out at the mall because we dislike shopping.  Coffee is not our beverage of choice, and only drink it occasionally when it’s offered for free.  What else, sayang?

J: We both love good food!  All kinds of food from all over the world.  We love to stay up late and sleep in late.  Obviously, we both love to travel. And oh, did we mention we love pretty beaches?  

And how are you different from each other?

N: I love all types of mushrooms, while Johnny always picks them out of his dish then puts them on my plate.

J: I love fishing, while Nanette just loves eating it. So, I guess that works out perfect! 

Nanette, you mentioned something about studying music earlier.  What instrument do you play?

N: I started taking piano lessons when I was six.  You know, I was just trying to be a good Asian kid and follow my grandmother’s wishes.  But I ended up liking it once I got to high school, and actually double majored in music and economics at Emory University.

What are you obsessed with?

N: Farms and cute farm animals.  When traveling, I also like to visit lighthouses and places with cool rock formations.

I don’t know Johnny’s answer yet, but I bet he’s going to say something like: I exist to annoy Nanette.  Is that right?

J: Pretty much!  Only because I’m obsessed with my gorgeous wife.  Love you sweetie!

Will you ever get tired of blogging?

N: Although maintaining an active website is time consuming, I view blogging as keeping an online diary of our daily adventures.  At the same time, we want our readers to find our posts useful and informative.  There may be times I don’t write as much due to time constraint, and the blog may continuously evolve. But Johnny and I will always have The Dessert Engineer to remind ourselves of the memories we have created together and how far we have come as a couple.


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