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Amex Offer: Boxed

I had never heard of boxed.com until just a few weeks ago when I was perusing new Amex offers.  One of the perks of owning an American Express credit or charge card is the ability to load various deals to your card that will save you money. With boxed.com, Amex will reimburse $20 off $50+ of your total spend until October 25, 2016.




So what exactly is boxed.com?  It’s basically an online store version of Costco, Sam’s Club, or any other wholesale warehouse.  In their own words, boxed.com sells “the products you love in bulk, delivered to your door.”


I did a price comparison of a few personal care and household items my husband and I were running out of.  Usually for everyday household items we would shop at Walmart, Target, and occasionally Amazon.


For my first order with boxed.com, I bought Axe shower gel, Cottonelle wipes, and Glad ForceFlex trash bags.  Here are the differences in price:


– Axe Phoenix Shower Gel 16 oz, twin pack

Walmart.com: $6.97

boxed.com: $8.99

Winner: Walmart


– Cottonelle Fresh Care (wipes)

Walmart.com: $6.97 for 168 sheets (4.2c each)

boxed.com: $19.99 for 504 sheets (4c each)

Winner: boxed.com


– Glad ForceFlex Trash Bags 13 gallons

Walmart.com: $15.85 for 100 bags (15.9c each)

boxed.com: $17.99 for 140 bags (13c each)

Winner: boxed.com


So in this case, boxed.com beat Walmart prices 2 out of 3.  Not bad!


Boxed sent me a coupon via e-mail for free shipping on my first order.  I also found a 15% off code online which I was able to stack up with the free shipping.


This is the breakdown of the cost of my first purchase:

  • Axe Shower Gel Phoenix
    2 x 16 oz $8.99
    Qty: 2 $17.98
  • Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths
    9 x 56 Count $19.99
    Qty: 1 $19.99
  • Glad ForceFlex 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen 140 Count
    Qty: 1 $17.99
Subtotal $55.96
Shipping Fee FREE
Promotion Discounts -$8.39
Sales Tax $3.33


Then, once Amex reimburses $20 off my purchase, the net I will spend is


What an awesome deal!


In my opinion, here are the pros and cons of boxed.com:


What I like:


– No membership fee

– Super fast delivery:  I placed my order on Wednesday night at 10.22PM, and the box arrived on Friday morning at 9.21AM.

– Earn 1% cash rewards for all your purchases and you can redeem it anytime as long as you have $2.50 in rewards balance



What I don’t like: 


– Selection of products is limited

– Must pay shipping fee if you do not meet minimum order amount


If you are an American Express cardholder, check if you are targeted for the boxed.com offer. It doesn’t hurt to replenish stuff that you need around the house at huge savings and without having to leave the house.


Interested in saving even more on your first order?  Please allow me to share my invitation code 5VQ8J where you will be able to take an additional $10 off (in return I will get $15 credit after your first delivery).




P.S. Boxed even included a free sample of Quaker breakfast bar!


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